Assisted Living at First & Main of New Albany in New Albany, Ohio

Assisted Living
Live Confidently

It is perfectly normal to need a little help with activities of daily living as we grow older. At First & Main of New Albany, our specially trained caregivers lend that helping hand while also enabling residents to live as confidently and independently as possible. Our New Albany, Ohio, community sets the foundation to live a rich and full life as you or your loved one make the next stop on life’s journey. From community amenities that encourage social connection to activities that stimulate the intellect and promote physical activity, First & Main of New Albany is your ticket to living a well-rounded life. And of course we are always here to lend that helping hand whenever you need it.

You Live Your Life
We’ll Handle the Rest

Assisted Living at First & Main of New Albany frees you up to live your life your way. There is no need to worry about menial tasks like home maintenance or laundry. We have that covered. That way you can spend more time taking advantage of our wonderful community amenities and diverse activities calendar. We also offer scheduled transportation to planned activities and outings, shopping, and doctor appointments.

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A women drinks coffee with her dog at First & Main of New Albany in New Albany, Ohio

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